Internet of Things

Retail Technology wrote about how Software AG brings new capabilities by partnering with our loyalty card company Reward Technology. Reward Technology can deploy its innovative RFID property technology together with Software AG's powerful location analytics. This resolution permits retailers to achieve valuable info regarding their customers like wherever they pay the foremost time in-store and how regularly they visit, similarly as key knowledge regarding their buying and web-browsing history. Read the full article here:

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Startups muscle in on cash transactions

Reward Technology was interviewed in a recent article by Cecily Liu for China Daily on Friday 18th September 2015. Liu wrote about how ou technology "cleverly turns supermarket vouchers from paper formats into a digital format for ease of use, flexibility and more effective marketing" and "uses data to help supermarkets, malls and hotels better serve their customers."   Read the full article here:

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Reaping retail rewards

Reward Technology offers consumers and retailers a loyalty card that can be detected on store entry and then deliver targeted offers – offers that are automatically validated at the till. Founder Paul Sheedy answers our Q&A from his office at Level39....

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