Creating extraordinary customer experiences in the physical world


Identify and communicate with customers and employees, in real-time, in your space

Our unique platform combines long-range, passive proximity technologies to deliver reliable insights into the customer journey and enable intelligent, real-time business decisions.

Capture and improve each individual user journey, with personalised treatment and automated notifications

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A unique and innovative service from Reward Technology that will enhance the customer shopping experience at the critical point of decision making.Trigger personalized offers as the customer walks in, before they make purchase decisions: the perfect time to enhance the customer’s experience.

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Retailers seek to target customers with the right deal at the right time. Our aim is to put the customer first without the user needing to do anything. We remove every technological barrier for customers engaging in loyalty solutions, thus enabling the retailer to service all customer segments at any stage of the customer journey.We help retailers identify individual customers as they enter their store and provide targeted marketing or actionable insight for personal attention.

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Reward Technology enables the engagement of Mall customers through the delivery of personalised, informative promotional messages and offers. Retailers are able to track customers’ footfall in the mall, based on browsing and purchasing data – all within one digital platform

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Smarter Solutions

Smart Buildings/Work-spaces The performance of most buildings is still not actively monitored, let alone optimised. With installation of connected technology aims to improve security, achieve higher level of duty of care and create opportunities for cost savings. Real-time detection of every member carrying their card, using these data to deliver unprecedented support for your staff to build greater engagement and loyalty.

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Turn customer location and identity into a smart business model

Reward Technology enables you to identify WHEN your users or customers are on your premises, WHO they are, and WHAT they might need.

We use advanced proximity technologies to identify and communicate your unique users at up to 20m even without apps, bluetooth, battery power, or smartphones

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