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Malls are looking for ways to differentiate themselves with heated competition from ecommerce. There is a need to grow their customer base and create stronger and more engaging relationships with customers, to enable solutions to deliver focused cross-selling and up-selling options that will allow the retail units to understand a fuller picture on their customers.

The insight will fulfil the opportunities to sell additional products and services. A well-run loyalty programme has long been regarded as an effective approach to achieve this goal.


Right Person, Right Time, Right Place


Welcome shoppers with personalised messages and promotional content upon arrival at the mall

Gather real-time customer data to gain insight into customers’ preferences to improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Achieve next level customer engagement and customer retention.

Better judge retailer mix and justify the mall’s value proposition, build real loyalty in the mall brand.

Deliver reporting tools to all retail units to enable them to understand the full details on customers segments browsing and purchasing in their stores.

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